Practice Areas

COOK p.c. lawyers have won numerous multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts in favor of individuals and small business operators. Our lawyers have enforced clients’ rights before state and federal courts, regulatory and legislative bodies. Cook p.c. lawyers have received multiple State Attorney General appointments to represent state and public employee interests.

Personal Injury / Wrongful Death


COOK p.c. attorneys are experienced in litigating a variety of personal injury and wrongful death claims and cases. Our attorneys have tried hundreds of personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits and recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients and their families.  We have the experience, resources and dedication to assist you and in the pursuit of your claims for personal injury or your claims on behalf of someone who died because of another negligent or wrongful act.

Whistleblower /  
Qui Tam Litigation


Qui Tam (“He who sues on behalf of the king as well as for himself“) is a provision of the Federal Civil False Claims Act that allows a private citizen to file a suit in the name of the U.S. Government charging fraud by government contractors and other entities who receive or use government funds, and share in any money recovered

Asbestos / Mesothelioma

When wrongful death occurs in the work place, the cause of the death often is attributable to others besides the employer. Experienced attorneys are needed to work with other experts to unravel the multiple causes of these tragedies. Claims against third-party bad actors often provide the best way to compensate victim families for their terrible loss. COOK p.c. attorneys have the experience to discover and pursue all claims on behalf of victims’ families and estates.

Class Action / Consumer Protection


COOK p.c. lawyers have represented thousands of individuals as well as state government agencies in lawsuits (including class actions) to protect consumers and recover their damages. Whether its a couple dollars or hundreds of millions of dollars, our lawyers are skilled in handling large cases with thousands of plaintiffs. COOK p.c. has gone up against some of the biggest corporations and won large settlements on behalf of its clients.

Railroad /


COOK p.c. is a recognized leader in the representation of railroad employees who have been injured in the course of their employment.

Our attorneys are experienced in prosecuting worker’s claims for personal injury and wrongful death under the Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA), which controls employee claims against railroad employers. COOK p.c.  is designated legal counsel for the SMART Transportation Division (UTU) and the Transportation Communication Union (TCU)​.



COOK p.c. lawyers successfully have represented hundreds of persons who have been injured by dangerous or defective consumer and industrial products. Our lawyers regularly represent claimants relating to: Automobiles/Boats/OtherVehicles, Pharmaceutical Drugs/Nutritional Supplements, Medical Devices, Asbestos,Welding Rods,and Machinery and Tools.


Tractor Trailer /
Truck Accidents


COOK p.c. attorneys are experienced in a dealing with those injured from tractor trailer and truck accidents. Tractor trailer and truck accidents take a skilled and experienced attorney who is familiar with dealing with these types of cases. Our attorneys know what it takes to make sure these cases are taken care of appropriately and litigated vigorously to ensure our clients are treated fairly and compensated justly.



When a doctor or nurse's negligence causes an injury, it is important to find an attorney who understands the complexity of medical malpractice lawsuits. COOK p.c.lawyers have the knowledge and the skill to hold those medical professionals accountable for their negligence. Medical malpracitce cases require a vast understanding of the law and medicine. COOK p.c. attorneys are experienced in dealing with the most complex medical malpractice cases and have received large verdicts in favor of injured patients.